Socks for Sweaty Feet

feet that smell

Socks for sweaty feet is just what is needed as everyone from time to time suffers from sweaty, and sometimes smelly feet.  Sweaty feet is a problem that can be easily treated, changing your socks, can help you with this problem.  Let's look at what types of socks prevent sweaty feet and we will explore why feet sometimes get sweaty and stink. We wear shoes and socks almost all of the time, our feet perspire continually.  Shoes and socks trap our perspiration close to our feet because of moister can not evaporate easily.  The perspiration or sweat, quickly because bacteria produces smelly acids. Socks can help Sweaty Feet! By choosing the right pair of socks you can help to eliminate foot odor.  You might think cotton socks would be the best choice.  While cotton do whisk away moisture from the feet, but unfortunately the socks remain damp, and your feet stay moist. A better choice would be a wool socks, wool socks whisk away moisture better, and keep your … [Read more...]

Socks come in many types of fabrics

Types of Fabric Socks Just like shoes, socks also are an essential part of your attire and appearance. Choosing the wrong kind of sock would make you appear like a clown and become a laughing stock of your peers. The notion that it doesn’t matter what kind of sock you are wearing is outrageous because using mismatched attire is entirely ridiculous. Aside from the style, design and fashion you also need to concern yourself with the fabric of the sock you are going to wear. There are so many kinds of fabric socks that are available in the market today you just need to pull out what suits you best. The most common are fabric socks that are made out of cotton. These types of socks are lasts long, soft and absorbent made out of natural plant fibers that provide comfort to your feet for everyday use. Another type of fabric socks are socks made out of wool. This comes from the hair of an animal such us sheep. This type of socks will give your feet warmth and comfort, just like fabric … [Read more...]

Different Types of Socks

woman wearing yellow socks

Basic Facts about the Different Kinds of Socks Among the different possessions we have, socks are often taken for granted. Most of the time we pay less attention to the kind of socks we are wearing; perhaps it is due to the fact that most of the time these are less visible unless during occasions when we need to dress-up. However little did we know that socks play a major role in our lives most especially on our health; therefore we need to choose the kind of socks that will suit our needs, along with this we should also know the different kind of socks to help us determine which sock would fit us. The most common type of sock is the slipper sock; this kind of sock is commonly used at home or indoor use. It is a slipper and at the same time a sock, it is soft and easy to wash and most of all it dries up quickly. Another type of sock is the knee high sock, which are commonly used by catholic school girls. This kind of sock can also be worn by athletes of some specific sports; however … [Read more...]

White Socks or Black Socks?

pair of white socks on a woman

Is it the white sock over the black sock, this is the dilemma we often have. More often than not we are confused when choosing the kind of sock we will wear, much more in choosing the color that compliments with the clothes as well as the shoes. For women it would be more confusing since there are a lot of socks as well as outfit to choose compared with men. Men usually do not care that much they just leave the task to their ladies. However for men who are living alone, choosing the right kind of sock is such a headache. Now when you are in a situation where you need to use either black or the traditional white socks here are some tips to guide you with your selection. To begin with you must start to assess the outfit you are wearing, consider the color as well as the occasion for which you will attend. When you are wearing black outfit it would be a great mismatch if you’ll wear a sparkling white sock. Therefore when you are wearing a formal black costume it must compliment with … [Read more...]

Thigh High Socks

fashionable thigh high socks on a woman

Clothes Matching Thigh High Socks It is a fact that women are classy, chic and fashionable. More often they tend to wear anything that would make them look gorgeous and elegant. Being gorgeous does not only mean they have to wear stylish clothes as well as shoes and accessories; using the right kind of sock is also part of the package of a prim and elegant woman. Socks as part of every woman’s wardrobe is varied from the foot sock which could be barely seen up to the thigh high socks. The reason why socks for women comes in a collection of style and fashion is that it needs to match with the clothes as well as the occasion a woman would be attending. As much as it compliments the whole appearance of a woman it also serves as feet and leg protection. Thigh high socks just like other kinds of socks have also their uses and functions; they also have a variety of styles as well as designs, materials and colors. It is not intended only for the young, adults can also use them. And for … [Read more...]